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NCIT is working toward healthy development for all children by age three to set the foundation for future success in school and life. Our goal is to expand high-quality services nationally to at least one million low-income families with infants and toddlers by 2023, and we're measuring progress through a robust system of national, state, and local metrics.

With a focus on equity, we can build and sustain locally responsive programs, policies, and early childhood systems that meet the needs of infants, toddlers, and their families. Well-chosen indicators and a strong data infrastructure are critical to achieving this goal along with the ability to measure impact against national benchmarks. As a starting point, NCIT has identified a set of evidence-based metrics drawn from research that are comparable and reliable across states, communities, and diverse families.

The right indicators can be used to track reach over time, chart progress, and identify successes and challenges in policies and programs in the three focus areas: healthy beginnings, supported families, and high-quality child care and early learning. Collectively, efforts in these focus areas can promote the environments that help children and families thrive and ensure infants and toddlers are making developmental progress toward school readiness.

Explore the NCIT Measurements System

The Outcomes Framework shown below can be used as an organizing tool to plan and implement initiatives, guide continuous improvement activities, and help develop a common language and vision across stakeholders. Learn about the Outcomes Framework, and then click below to use our interactive tool to select the right outcomes and indicators to track the success of prenatal-to-three programs and policies in your state or community.  

Working Toward Healthy Development by Age Three

Prenatal-to-Three Outcomes Framework

All outcomes in the Outcomes Framework measure progress against the long-term goal of children being healthy and on track for kindergarten by age three. This framework identifies systems-level, policy/program-level, and child/family-level outcomes in the focus areas of healthy beginnings, supported families, and high-quality care and early learning. All indicators are research-based and sensitive to interventions.

Identify the Right Indicators to Measure Success in Your State or Community

Explore the interactive Outcomes Framework to learn more about the outcomes and indicators related to your focus area. Then, determine the data you need to get started.